An Early Birthday Present


That, my friends, is a photo taken on my brand new camera, quite possibly the most ridiculously wonderful gift I’ve ever received (not counting my mother’s homemade recipe book or dinner at Citronelle with Chris last year).

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it is to use a camera that works so fast, that takes such beautiful shots, that I can adjust manually with so little effort! My old camera gave me the opportunity to fiddle with aperture, shutter speed, etc but via slow little push buttons and dials, so it was usually a herculean task to make the adjustments in time to actually catch a good shot. In some ways, I think it made me a better photographer, having to be so precise all the time, but happily, my new camera makes my old one look like a baby dinosaur. I spent all weekend reveling in its speed, its ability to pick up true colors. The lens, the ease with which I can adjust every last little feature.

I’ve got posts coming up about the great recipes I tried this past weekend and Adams Morgan day but for now, I just want to celebrate a little, the fabulous-ness of the new camera:

that’s right, you can see the writing on that egg!

This camera can even see the crumbs in these (utterly swoon-worthy) lemon crumb bars!

Fruit from my yogurt and granola at Clydes in G-Town. Early in the morning, they serve lovely coffee cake along with your meal. I love this place for brunch, its about the only place that can make me wish I wore boat shoes and Oxfords and pearls on a regular basis.

A teaser from Adams Morgan Day


My husband researched and picked out such an awesome wedding/birthday/christmas/moving to China present. (which is what it is since we aren’t really made of money) Its rare that this man gets to walk more than a few blocks without having to wait for me to take a picture of something, and yet he’s always so patient and encouraging, willing even to invest in the equipment that seals his fate as a perpetual start-and-stop walker with me.

Happy Monday!


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