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Madurai temple
Last night the husband and I went to a Goodbye Happy Hour at Bourbon for one of his friends in A-100. These events are getting more common and group of revelers keeps getting smaller as more and more of Chris’ classmates head to post.

The VIP guest of honor last night was A. heading off to Chennai, India in a couple of days. Coincidentally, Chennai was the place I called home before moving out to DC and talking to A about it last night makes me remember all of the great (and insane) memories I have of Chennai and India.

candle lit pizza party
The candlelit rooftop diner parties

cows on the beach
The beaches

the Desert drinks Kingfisher. Don’t let the rolling sand dunes make you think I was anywhere very isolated. Though this shot was taken only about 15km from the border with Pakistan, I had full cell signal and was probably only half a mile away from a Bollywood movie shoot.

colors100_0657100_0267gn chetty road
This was my street, G.N. Chetty Road, perpetually under construction.

A- I hope you have a fabulous time in Chennai and in India. Take advantage of the streetside coffee all over T.N. eat lots of baby bananas, go to the beach, have fun haggling with the auto drivers, polish your tam-glish and enjoy the easiest place to be a vegetarian on Earth.


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