Banana Bread Cures Everything

Banana Bread

Its been a crazy few weeks in the Dumm household. Between a freaky medical scare, spending days outside putting together, taking apart, and putting together Mama Dumm’s antique Chinese beds for her estate sale (In the middle of a hurricane-of course) and work, its been tricky finding time to breath.

But last Friday I did. I worked from home and made banana bread on my “lunch hour.”

I wish I could post aromas as easily as photos and videos because that’s of course that’s the most wonderful thing about banana bread. With overripe bananas as its signature component and the always-just-a-little-too-brown crust, banana bread doesn’t ever win any beauty contests, but it doesn’t have to. Its a homey, comfortable sort of baked good, mixed in ten minutes flat and good for days after baking. It’s the kind of thing that you find at PTA meetings and small town bake sales, but its far too delish to get snobby about.

Some people take baths I think when they are in need of comfort, or light candles and read a good book. Me? I bake the quick, easy recipes of my childhood and I remember stealing spoonfuls of batter in my mom’s warm kitchen on chilly Wisconsin fall nights.

This recipe is from Epicurious, a recipe called Aunt Holly’s Banana Bread. I usually favor brown sugar over white and like to use wheat flour in an attempt to make up for the ridiculous amount of chocolate chips I like to use. Cinnamon, almond extract, and ginger are all good additions, though perhaps not all in combination.

This bread, like most quick breads, gets better over the course of a few days.  It’s also fabulous toasted with a little bit of butter for a quick and indulgent breakfast. Yum!


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