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Dim Sum and Flushing Love

Last weekend Chris and I attended our first wedding since we got hitched on the 4th of July. After our very nontraditional, uuber-casual affair it felt strange to be in a big beautiful space with caterers, a great band, personalized monograms everywhere and hundreds of people.

I felt oddly insecure about our wedding when we walked in. I wasn’t really expecting that. Maybe it was because Chris and I spent the day walking around the city and so showed up at the wedding looking a little like a hot mess in a sea of perfectly coiffed and beautiful 20 somethings. Maybe it was because I was meeting a lot of people for the first time-people who probably should have been invited to our wedding.

Whatever the reason, I got over it. The setting was awesome-a children’s science museum. The ceremony was a little awkward but probably somewhat required by the ‘rents. The food was terrible but the band was spectacular and we had so much fun dancing our asses off. The sister of the bride gave a really wonderful toast as did the Father of the bride- it was a moment to feel the love.

I left grateful that our parents gave us so much latitude in planning our wedding and really got into the spirit of our quirky backyard celebration.

Of course, the absolute best part about going to Flushing (besides of course the fabulously awful and dingy I-95 rest stops) is the eating. Saturday we managed to cram in 2 dim sum meals including Xiǎolóngbāo and other assorted dim sum treats. Sunday, it was dim sum all over again, this time including the perennial favorites: Cha Siu Bao both baked and steamed-heavenly.

I also got some quality time with the little cousins and of course with my husband who continues to rock my world, on and off the dance floor.

Sweaty Newlyweds

Sweaty Newlyweds


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