Adventures in Jamming

This past Sunday, Chris and I loaded our trusty “Butler’s Orchard” bucket into the car and headed North to Damascus the land of over-sized strip malls, crazy teenage drivers, and U-Pick fruit. The goal was simple. Pick enough fruit to indulge me and my latest all-consuming desire to try canning homemade jam. 5 pounds of … Continue reading


Banana Bread Cures Everything

Its been a crazy few weeks in the Dumm household. Between a freaky medical scare, spending days outside putting together, taking apart, and putting together Mama Dumm’s antique Chinese beds for her estate sale (In the middle of a hurricane-of course) and work, its been tricky finding time to breath. But last Friday I did. … Continue reading

Around Town / Food / Uncategorized


In honor of my sister-in-law’s impending move to Munich, we spent the weekend gorging ourselves on all of her favorite foods. Before the beer and schnitzel must come lots of Korean bbq, American burgers, and of course, Maryland blue crabs-lots and lots of blue crabs. The Old Bay is, of course, traditional and integral to … Continue reading