Revisiting the List

UPDATED June 24th

Its been awhile since we looked at this list, we started it only a few months after we started dating. It was before Chris got into the Foreign Service, before we got engaged, before we found out we are moving to Chengdu, before we got married. Its time to revisit the list, cross off some items and add some new ones

1. Go backpacking for the weekend (Done)
2. Go to the Beach (Oh so done but must be done again)
3. Eat Crabs (Yes, done but see above)
4. Play Hooky and Spend All Day Lounging in Bed (why haven’t’ we done this one yet??)
5. Road trip Cross Country (will do when we take possession of the red landrover (6/24/10)
6. Impromptu Road Trip to Somewhere We’ve never been
7. U-picking raspberries, blackberries, strawberries (not in that order) (Done-to excess)
8. Go Hiking (Done but must do over and over)
9. Go Wine-tasting (done and done again for our wedding wine! will post pictures)
10. Lay in hammocks (we have one now!)
11. Master the art of exceedingly good homemade pizza (Getting there)
12. Make Brunch for a bunch of friends in pajamas (Done and will be done many more times)
13. Knock down walls together in your Chris’ Mom’s new house (Done!  House finished in time for our wedding last year)
14. Take a trip (Done but should be repeated regularly)
15. Climb trees (not done unless you count with bear rope)
16. Go make pottery across the street (or somewhere else)
17. Go on a picnic (done twice on the Mall but will do again and again)
18. Have a cigar or smoke hookah on the steps of a (national) monument (need to do still)
19. Go on a day of picture-taking outside
20. Barbecue (must be done again and again)
21. Go out for a night on the town (done but due for another one(6/24/10-we are getting much better at rallying for a night out here in Chengdu)
22. Go to the Butterfly Garden (done but the butterflies weren’t showing)
23. Go to Folklife Festival (done! Now know everything about Texan, Bhutanese, and NASA culture according to the Smithsonian)
24. Rent Kayaks (done, lots of times, including one very dramatic time involving Kathleen, mud, and a strong urge to sue the restroom)
25. Rent Canoes
26. Rent paddleboats (almost that time of year)
27. Go rock-climbing
28. Take a bath until pruney (done by at least one of us)
29. Online underwear shopping
30. Play on the (flat) roof in the rain
31. Make homemade icecream (done!  Strawberry gelato, fennel ice cream, dulce de leche, next up: mango sorbet)
32. Go see Shakespeare in the Park
33.Play in NY for the weekend (need to do again soon)
34. Eat Dim Sum in NY (Done to excess!!! soo full!!!)
35. See a play in NY (Wicked?)
36. Go to a…
37. Go snorkeling in the clearest blue water with 200 ft visibility and swim in the middle o fa school of small fishes and have them swim all around (Done, and more 🙂 …Also saw turtles, rainbow fish, coral and will do again and again)
38. Have a croissant in Paris on a cold morning
39. Have a Guinness in Cork, IRE
40. Watch the fireworks in DC on the 4th of July (with excellent salad, a break from the rain and a perfect view-Done!) (also GOT MARRIED ON THE 4th of JULY!! :))
41. Go to a Shakespeare Performance not in the park (done! Romeo and Juliet with an all-male cast!)
42. Climb a (small) mountain (done?)
43. Find the best croissant within a 4 mile radius of work (Still has to be Open City…)
44. Find the best new restaurant in DC (It’s still 2 Amy’s for me-if only for sentimental value-6/24/10)
45. Plant Flowers (we have mint? does that count? 6/24/10: now in Chengdu, our ayee is planting tomatoes and basil for us!)
46. Go for more midnight walks
47. Find the best diner food in VA (potentially in Warrenberg on the way back from Old Rag/Cedar Run-UPDATE, that place is really not that great, have to keep looking!)
48. Run away to a little town for a day and a night
49. Read a book together and get into an intellectual fight about it
50. Light sparklers on the roof (Lit sparklers for our wedding night celebration with friends! 🙂 )
51. Sit on the dock of a bay at night and talk until the sun comes up
52. Go Dancing (done but always good for a repeat performance) (done again at Habana Village for the bday)
53. Play Frisbee on the mall
54. Learn how to cook something new and do it really really good
55. Make marshmallows (Retroactively added but done and done well)
56. Plant a garden in the spring with carrots, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, basil, radishes, corn, watermelon, and lots of other things (practicing with a round of spinach in pots)
57. Go to Italy
58. Get a coffeemaker (Done but requires patience and skill, got another great one as a wedding gift)
59. Cook all of the recipes published in the OrangeBlossom column in Bon Appetite including:
60. Have a campfire with Smores
61. Go to Maine
62. Go for a week-long backpacking trip
63. Rent a boat or a house in the Virgin Islands with friends/family
64. Go to Canada (British Columbia?)
65. Go for souffle at Olive (Done for our engagement dinner! :))
66. Go Apple-Picking
67. Bake apple pies (yum!)
68. Build an aquarium (micro-err we might have gotten over this phase)
69. Go see the Baltimore Aquarium (macro-DONE)
70. Go to a show at the Kennedy Center
71. Go to a Red Sox Game at Fenway
72. Go play in Boston
73. Learn how to drive stick (even outside the Pentagon parking lot-still working on it (6/24/10))
74. Have high tea at the Willard Hotel (or in London)
75. Go back to India
76. Go rafting in Himachal Pradesh
77. Go rafting on the New River (DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooo fun!)
78. Go rafting on the Gauley River
79. Go to Hawaii
80. Go to Prague
81. Go to Greece
82. Sleep on a beach
83. Drink (unfiltered) sake and make sushi (made sushi-but didn’t drink the sake)
84. Sip limoncello with friends on the roof, or in Italy (Done on the former, still waiting on the latter)
85. Go to Boat Show and look at cool sailboats for fun (done)
86. Camp on Assateague Island (We came, we saw, we didn’t get a camping permit 😦 but we saw the horses?)
87. Take a walk through Arlington Cemetery (Done, must put up pictures)
88. Go for a fall picnic
89. Go see Shakespeare in the theater (done, Romeo & Juliet with an all-male caste, very good)
90. Go to minibar (I know we aren’t supposed to retroactively add to the list but sooo done)
91. Go to Nobu 57
92. Go for week-long backpacking trip in Glacier National Park
93. Go to Guangzhou (We will when we move to Chengdu!)
94. Chop down and decorate Christmas tree (no chopping but done! decorated with Boston Red Sox hat as the “start”)
95. Go sailing on the Potomac (must find license)
96. Go to Annapolis for the day (Dani might have to buy a hat…)
97. Take a dance class
98. Take a cooking class
99. Skip work to play around town on a nice day
100. Test out all of the coffeehouses in the DC area that we can (Done!  can’t wait for home leave to try some more!)
101. Go look at land on the Chesapeake (done! now considering the mountains between DC and Charlottesville)
102. go to this korean place in annandale: http://www.washingtonian.com/restaurantreviews/2037.html (HONEY PIG is soooo good!)
103. Go to Komi (Done!  For Chris’ 33rd birthday)
104. Urban hike across NY from one side to the other
105. Make a recipe from the Happy in the Kitchen cookbook
106. Look at netbooks for Dani because they are so cute and little (does a big new computer count instead?)


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