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Mr. and Mrs. Dumm & Ethnically Ambiguous Americana

That we are, Mr and Mrs. that is. After a courthouse wedding in Virginia a few weeks ago to legally seal the deal (and which included a souvenir pen with our officiants contact info on it in neon green), we had the most amazing wedding on the 4th of July. I’m not kidding, I had no idea it was possible to have a wedding day as perfect as ours. We were AWAKE for it, we were NOT stressed, we actually REMEMBER it. That’s really a big win from what I hear.

On top of that, we had clear skies all day for the first time on the forth of July in TEN YEARS. Chris’s pau pau (former seamstress for ELIZABETH TAYLOR) hemmed my wedding dress, my friend Kristi turned me into a much prettier version of myself that was comfortable yet festive, and Chris and I got to say vows to one another in the presence of our family and 30 of our closest friends. I got to wear sandals all day instead of heels, throw a stuffed panda bear into the crowd and shove a cupcake into my husband’s face. (I love saying husband!) Our sisters Devin and Kathleen officiated and Mama Smith and Mama Dumm went all out making the most amazing food and cupcakes I’ve had in a long time. Chris’ dad gave us a toast that made us cry and our photographer was game even to come out to the suburbs to take shots in our Chinese grocery store.

We called it our ethnically ambiguous americana wedding and it was awesome.

Pictures to follow!


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