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Little Devil

We both thought this hike was great.  Got lost and ended up doing 2 miles more than originally planned.  Made it better.  Huge waterfalls in a slot canyon and a tough climb that always seemed to dead end but kept going up up up.

Best parts:

  • Warm air from below pushing us up while huge granite walls on the upper falls pushed a wave of cold down.  Thermal bands were fun to walk through.
  • Evergreen hemlock forest was the only green out today, and it was great fun to walk though.
  • Huge stands of pine trees next to the Piney Branch River made whole sections of the forest smell great.
  • Stopping and crossing the creek at one point without shoes instead of hopping across the rocks.  The near freezing water was so amazing after 7 hard miles.

Seven and a half miles total.  Would definitely do this again.



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