Back to the cupcake theme

I woke up last Sunday morning bursting with energy for some reason.  After multiple attempts to wake Chris up with my thrashing about, I finally headed to the kitchen trying to find an outlet.

And I did, in some scrumptious carrot cupcakes

Chris wandered out of bed an hour or so later and padded over to the counter where the muffins/cupcakes/little morsels of goodness sat cooling.  Then, armed with a butter knife and a substantial pat of butter, he proceeded to inhale 2 or 3 of the still-warm muffins in less than 5 minutes.

So I think they were good.

The crumb was perfect, they were moist, the flavor was all carrot and spice and not too sweet.  Yum.

I used this recipe with a couple of changes that made for awesomeness including:

Used 2 C of very finely shredded carrots instead of 1 and 1/2 C

Used only 1/3C oil instead of 3/4C

Added 1/3C pineapple juice from tin

Tripled (or quadrupled potentially) the amount of cinnamon and could have added more

Added a pinch of nutmeg

Added about a teaspoon ginger (again, could have added way more)

Forewent the frosting but I’m sure they would be really good (albeit much sweeter) with said frosting


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